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SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) refers to pay advertisement to gain instant Paid Search Traffics to a website. Outcome of paid traffics relies on strategy to achieve high traffics, high CTR (Click Through Rate), low bounced rate, high page session and high session duration, most importantly, maximise conversion rate and lower conversion cost.

We do not recommend business to self manage PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. There are techniques involved to achieve above mentioned advertising goals, eg settings for ads campaigns, type of ads, target audience setting, daily budget, bid strategies, targeting keywords, creating ads to capture more right/targeted traffics, etc.

Google Analytics screens shows significant improvement in traffics. In two weeks time after we manage PPC advertising for business partners, we have doubled up website traffics and sessions with the same daily budget after properly setting up Google ad campaigns, new ads types, bid strategies, target keywords, etc. Many self managed ads could be money waster because of ad setup, under performed keywords, etc factors.

SEOservices.cc SEO Traffic Improvement in 2 weeks
SEOservices.cc SEO Traffic Improvement in 2 weeks 1

Duties of our PPC managers are to ensure these done properly, for achieving goals with minimal ads spending, at the same time, helping organic SEO strategy to improve website ranking, keywords ranking, website scores etc.

Many of our business partners were running Google Ad (Google AdWords) Smart Campaigns when seeking assistance from us. After we adjust ads campaigns, results are significantly improved comparing to previous Smart Campaigns created by business partners themselves.

Ad cost saved is more than sufficient to cover our ads manager service fee. In other word, our business partners are getting SEO services which pay for itself. All additional revenues generated from SEO practice become purely net gain of our business partners.

SEM/PPC/Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) Management generates Paid Traffic and assist organic SEO strategy.

Google Ads

Google ad (Former Google AdWords) is very efficient in capturing “right” audience at “right” timing. There are two main ad type, search ad and display advertising. 

Search Ad shows to audience when searched keyword matched Ad setting and content. This is how advertisement capture “Right” audience at “Right” timing. The implication is that these audiences are your potential customers and they are planning or ready to make purchase.

Display Ad shows to audience without specific criteria. It will gain more traffics than Search Ad but audience might not be your potential customers. Main purpose for this Ad type is branding, to gain Brand Awareness and attention for future benefits. Of course, display ad will also catch “Right” audience at “Right” timing by chance.

SEO Services CC helps businesses to create Google ad campaigns, achieve higher right traffics at right timing, and cost efficient, monitoring ad performance daily and make adjustment as need to achieve business goals.

Facebook/Programmatic Ads

Facebook/Programmatic ads are display ads, a great way to reach massive audience group at great value. You are able to refine your target audience by demographic data, location, interests, etc.

Ads platform will display ads according to pre-defined constraint to display ads to public. Ad objective can be set to CPM (Cost Per Million Impression) oriented to maximize reach, or CPC (Cost Per Click) to maximize interaction. Strategy replies on business objective. CPM establish branding. CPC generates traffic.

Regardless which ad type and ad objective you selected, appearance of ads goes though bidding competition to determine who’s ad to be displayed in a given placement at given time.

Bidding strategy controls how ad budget to be spent, affecting ad impression, and position, eventually, ad performances. SEO Services CC will work close with you to propose an advertising plan that suit your business.

Tailored Solution

Businesses are different, even in the same industry. SEO Services CC tailors SEM/PPC strategy for every business, according to defined business goals. SEO Services CC will work together with you to work out the best Google Ad (Google AdWords) PPC management plan that suit your business.

Maximizing Conversion

SEO Services CC always focus on conversion and not just traffic to your website. After setting up campaign, SEO Services CC will test and analysis your PPC campaign frequently as well as Google Analytics traffic and conversion data. We work towards maximising your ROI (Return On Investment) on your Google Ads (Google AdWords) PPC advertising.

SEO Services CC setup monitoring benchmark,  Conversion goal and track your website data to keep track of PPC ad performance in terms of traffics and conversion rate. SEO Services CC is striving to generate potential customers and sales to your business.

Google Ads (Former Google AdWords)

Google Search Ad reaches right audience at right timing. It is cost efficient to capture potential customers and bring them to your website. While Google Display Ad reaches bigger audience group, establishing branding in target market segment, building trust with potential markets. SEO Services CC utilize both Ad strategy to bring traffic and revenue to your business.

Display Ads

Display Ad is a cost efficient approach to reach bigger size market. Distribution networks has more variety to suit different business needs.  Social Ad (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) make easy to reach defined market segment easily. It is also the most cost efficient channel for display ad approach.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) coverage is different to Social platforms. DSP distribute display ads via participated publishers. Most of participated publishers are news sites, blogs, forums, tech sites etc. Key benefit to display ads in these platforms is for its low competition. As mentioned, all ads will go through a bidding competition system, winner will be shown in a given placement, at a given time. Less competition cost less to compete and save cost.

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