White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

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What Is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO refers to SEO strategies those are complied with the terms and conditions of the major search engines, including Google, to improve your search ranking in SERP.

White hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO. Generally, white hat SEO utilize Search Engine Optimization skills to improve search engine result page ranking (SERP). It involves keyword research and keywords optimization for permalinks, meta title, meta description, and contents, on-page and off-page SEO tactics, etc. These tactics are in compliance with “legal” boundary as defined by Google and other search engines.

In contrast, black hat SEO tactics adopts “illegal” methods, include paid link building, or using robot traffics to simulate human visitors. Tactics those generate negative impact to consumers would be classified as black hat. Furthermore, Black hat tactics are extremely risky. They might attract Search Engine penalty which greatly affects website ranking and score. In worse scenario, website could be black listed from search results.


White Hat SEO Techniques Always

Black Hat tactics take high risk to be banned by Google and other search engines.

As the leader in search engines, Google has developed their powerful AI and algorithm to detect illegal activities (as to Google terms) and invalid traffics. Most of them can easily be identified through patterns.

Google is a powerful source of web traffics. White Hat tactics by satisfying search engine ranking factors and comply with search engine guidelines are important to generate traffics to your website and improve your ranking.

Hiring a professional SEO agency is what you should do. You may come across quite some SEO companies and quotes. Not surprised that service fees varies a lot. However, don’t get tempted by low cost solutions. Proper SEO campaign takes time, and labor intensive to do research and optimization of contents. Thus, low cost solutions are either less effective or adopting grey hat tactics, even black hat tactics.


Example of some White Hat SEO Methods

Here are some of the example methods you can do and fully comply with search engine guidelines.

Quality Content

Provide valuable, quality contents to your target audience. Apply suitable target keywords in your content, without keyword stuffing.

Descriptive and Keyword-Rich Meta Tags

Use SEO tools to assist you in meta data editing. This helps to improve readability, keywords usage etc.

Fully Responsive design

Search engine in favor of websites those are mobile friendly. Make sure your website is fully responsive to all high end devices and desktop.

UI/UX design

User friendly navigation, clear visiting path, satisfy the purpose of your website visitors visiting your website.

Website loading speed

Optimize images, minify js, css and html, host your site in a decent hosting service.


What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO refers to SEO strategies those are NOT complied with the terms and conditions of the major search engines, to improve your search ranking in SERP.

Black Hat tactics try to trick search engines by robot traffics, robot search, purchase backlinks (external links, inbound links), low quality backlinks (via fake blogs etc), keyword stuffing, keyword hijacking, fake clicks, etc. methods.

As search engines become smarter, old fashion black hat tactics no longer work.

We do not encourage business to go black hat. Thus, we are not explaining how they work.

When choosing SEO company, remember a rule of thumb. You get what you paid for.

It is not worth it to go for black hat for following reasons:

  1. they are not free
  2. high risk to get website banned

Why risk to get your website banned for lifetime by using Black Hat SEO techniques? Besides, it is not free.


What Is Grey Hat SEO?

Grey Hat SEO is basically in between White Hat and Black Hat


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