Case Study: Shopify E-commerce Site SEO

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Case Study: Shopify Ecommerce Site SEO - 12k Motor


Category: E-commerce SEO

Customer: 12K Group (remote location: Sydney)

Project: SEO & SEM/PPC

Platform: Shopify

Shop URL:

12K Motor is an Australian Motorcycle Fairings supplier based in Sydney NSW. Major products are motorcycle fairings for various popular Japanese brands, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and some European brands like Ducati, BMW, Aprilia. 12K Motor approached us in early Aug 2019 wanting to improve SERP ranking and search visibility for their online shop built on Shopify via organic SEO strategy.


12K Motor is a new Shopify shop established in early 2019. Its major competitors are well established with some of them over 10 years of trading history and online presentation.

  1. New Shop, New Brand
  2. New Domain name
  3. Hardly seen on Google Search Results for many popular keywords search
  4. Well established competitors with long time online present and stable high ranking

+ 600%

Top 3 Ranked Keywords

+ 1100%

Top 10 Ranked Keywords


Organic Search Traffics


Avg Monthly Sales

Following are statistics captured as initial figures as benchmark for our SEO performance index.

Initial statistic indicates several issues:

  1. Visibility low – this is an index to indicate the possibility of website pages appearing within top 100 of Google Search Results with targeted keywords. 
  2. Estimate traffic low – An estimation of traffic based on Click-Through-Rate (CTR) multiply by number of keywords in top 100 of SERP
  3. Top 10 keywords far too less – This is the number of keywords those make website pages appear in top 3 position in SERP.
  4. Ranking low against competitors – Ranked 15 among 16 major competitors


SEO Case Study Shopify
SEO Case Study Shopify


Following statistics are 3 months after we takeover SEO and PPC tasks

Significant Improvement via organic SEO:

  1. Visibility improved 247% (increased 2.47 times )
  2. Estimate traffic improved 960% (increased 9.6 times )
  3. Top 10 keywords increased 1150% (increased 11.5 times) This ensures more webpages appear in first page of Google Search Result Page (SERP)
  4. Ranking against major competitors from 15th improved to 6th.
SEO Case Study Shopify
SEO Case Study Shopify

Keyword search results (SERP) on Google

Following are some best performed keywords ensuring related webpages appears in 1st page of Google search results.  “2019 zx6r Fairings” is quite stable to dominate #1 ranking

Keyword search results (SERP) on BING

Tested with “2015 r1 fairing kit” keyword, client’s webpages dominated first top 4 positions in BING search result page. This performance ensured searchers/visitors visiting client’s online store, boosted organic traffics.