Do I Need To Rebuild Existing Website For SEO?

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Do I Need To Rebuild Existing Website For SEO?

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In many cases, business realize the importance of SEO after website has been developed. However, this has no conflict to SEO tasks.

SEO optimize meta data and contents of the website. For existing websites, if it is mobile friendly (fully responsive). It is not necessary to rebuild the whole website.  Several modifications will be done in existing website:

  1. optimize meta data, such as page title, description. Search results will show only meta title and meta description of the page.  If there is no meta data specified, search engine will pick contents from webpage. To rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page), keywords must be included in meta title and description. Since there is character limits in search result, title and description are edited to capture necessary keywords, long tail keywords, and make sense to human.
  2. For page contents, search engine will consider factors such as content length, included keywords, keyword counts, readability, use of images and video, image ALT tags, H1 and H2 tags, section titles, outbound links (external links), internal links (links to other relevant pages within website) etc.
  3. Optimize media files for fast loading without sacrificing quality
  4. Improve loading speed via minifying CSS, JS, HTML files, loading sequence, web server speed etc. Performance of website loading can be done via free online tools, such as Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix, Pingdom, etc.

If website modification effort is greater than rebuilding it, it is cost efficient to rebuild a new SEO website.

Website is no longer just a digital copy of company introduction and digital catalog anymore. A well optimized website generating organic search traffics (your potential buyers), improve conversion rate and revenue. It is your best selling tool which never quite and leave you.


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