How Much Does SEO Services Cost?

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How Much Does SEO Services Cost?

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How Much Does SEO Cost?

Unlike a tangible product where you can simply put a price tag on it. SEO strategy is tailored to businesses base on their business goals and budget.

It is not wise to select SEO agency by cost bidding, simply because service and strategy offered are different.


Ultimate Goal of SEO: Conversion

It is common to be asked by business partners “how much does it cost for SEO services?”. However, no many business owners focus on ROI (Return On Investment) of Search Engine Optimization service.

Good SEO companies help businesses to achieve long term benefits to improve organic search traffics to website.

Wrong focus drives business owners towards cheap SEO solutions by hiring cheap SEO companies offering lower cost SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation is a highly competitive business in digital marketing. SEO agencies are competing with either service results or service cost. SEO service cost varies greatly between SEO companies. One business golden rule everyone shall always remember: you get what you pay for. SEO Traffic Improvement in 2 weeks


Cost models

There are SEO agencies charging an inclusive cost. A lump sum of service fee and advertisement fees. Another model is to charge service fees, and business owners pay for their advertisement cost themselves.

Business owners are risking their budget because proportion of advertisement and service fee is out of your control. Most of these operations are black boxed, not transparent.

Small to medium businesses shall adopt later model and split service fees and advertising budget. Large SEO projects are normally inclusively quoted.

Generally, weekly service fees range from a hundred to few hundred.


Select the right SEO agency

When selecting your SEO agency, beware of the following:

  1. if you are guaranteed for SERP ranking, you better run. Even Google cannot guarantee web page ranking simply because ranking is calculated by complex algorithm in their system.
  2. if you are guaranteed for SERP ranking for few hundreds dollars, run faster. A proper SEO campaign involves keyword research, keywords strategy, on-page and off page SEO, backlinks building, blog post, etc. These are labor intensive tasks for the whole SEO life cycle, few hundreds are insufficient for White Hat SEO (legal strategy).
  3. if you are offered a “standard rate” off the shelf from SEO company without initial study of your business and website. How can this quote be reliable? There is no universal solutions for SEO projects. Each project solution is tailored to business goals, difficulties, competitions etc factors. Low cost solution promotes Black Hat SEO techniques, eg. keyword stuffing, duplicate content, robot traffics etc. Black Hat SEO tactic has high risk to attract search engine penalty.


Focus on ROI, not Cost

Wise business owners focus on ROI of SEO projects. Why is that? A good ROI SEO campaign pays off itself. With good conversion rate, revenue generated covers all your investment on advertising and SEO services with surplus profits. The more you spent, more profit you earn, as long as your average conversion cost is lower than your profit margin.

One of our business partners is selling products via Shopify shop, average profit margin of each product is around $60. When they approached us to manage ads and do SEO for the shop to improve organic traffics.

When we took over, the average conversion cost is around $45-50. That is majority of the profit margin. In 3 weeks time, we have managed to improve average conversion cost by lowering it to about $30. Instead of earning $10 profit margin, now they can earn $30 per sale.

We achieve this by re-create Google Ads campaigns and optimize product listing content. New Google Ads campaign generates extra 50%+ Paid Search traffics to the shop. Our services improved search engine appearance and organic search traffics.

From this business partner, we know that our charge is higher than their previous agency. However, they earn more profit after deducting our service cost.

If conversion cost is lower than profit margin, the more you spent, more profits you earn.


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