How to generate website traffics for new website/blog?

How to generate website traffics for new website/blog?

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How to generate initial website traffics for a new website/blog?

This is a very common question found in popular forums.  There are several strategies you may use to generate initial traffics to your new website before it becomes popular, and visible in search engine result page (SERP).


PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a rapid strategy to boost web traffics. It refers to search engine advertising, such as Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords), Bing/Yahoo Ads, and programmatic advertising platforms. Major advantage for PPC is instant impact. As soon as advertisement launched, it starts to generate traffics to your website.

PPC consists of Search Ads and Display Ads. Search Ads appears when web searcher search what they look for with keyword, such as furniture, home cleaning etc. Advertisers can pre-define targeting configuration, eg visitors demographic, geographical location, interests, target keywords, ad schedule (time range to show ads). All PPC channels allow advertisers/marketers to specify targeting criteria to achieve optimal results, to maximize impression with lowest cost, improve ROI (Return On Investment).

PPC management requires professional skills to optimize ads setup, not only to reduce wastage in advertising costs, but also improve conversion rate. By hiring SEO/PPC agency is highly recommended. Cost to hire professional service will pay off itself via saved advertising cost and improved conversion rate/sales revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social media provides free resources to advertise your new website/blog. Popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterests, LinkedIn, etc. By posting your products and services introduction, related news update, and contents, organic social media traffics thus generated for free. Of course, efficiency for free marketing is relatively lower. The reason is that Social media platforms limited your post appearance similar to search engine ranking. If your social account is not popular, visibility of your post is low, in fact, very low. For new accounts, it will be luck to have 10 reaches daily.

Social media platforms has PPC features. The most cost effective way to to maximize ads impression/reach in social media, for the purpose of letting public know your new website/blog. Content quality, topics are key factors affective the effectiveness of your social media posts.

It is a very time consuming method to promote via social media. For this, many businesses now hiring Social Media Management service, let professionals to manage their social media accounts in a very cost efficient way. We also provide such Social media account management service to any business anywhere.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the most valuable digital marketing practice for businesses. SEO takes time to see effects. For new websites/blogs, it is very common to take 6-12 months before entering top 20. Thus, PPC is normally used together with SEO, to generate traffics while waiting for SEO effects.

Since SEO takes time, it is wise to carry out SEO optimization on new website/blog as early as possible. When website reaches top 20, advertising budget can be reduced. For less competitive industries, ads can be even stopped at this stage, relying on SEO to bring organic search traffics. In highly competitive industries, even when website reached first page in SERP, business still maintain certain budget for PPC, in order to maintain their lead.

SEO is a specialized domain. It is highly suggested for businesses to hire professional SEO agency to carry out SEO tasks.


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