What is a Landing Page for Online Ads Campaign?

What is a Landing Page for Online Ads Campaign?

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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page refers to the page where incoming visitors first landed on. For a website, front page is normally the landing page of a website when visitors open website URL in browser.

Search Traffics may land on any page of your website, as long as it appears in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Landing page is the first impression of visitors.


Is Landing Page Critical for Online Ads?

Landing page is a must for a success online advertising campaign. It is normally a single web page specifically build for particular online advertising campaign.

Some business owners tried to save few dollars by redirecting traffics to existing website. It is acceptable for branding advertisement.

However, a properly designed landing page will promote much higher conversion than sending paid traffics to website.


Why is it important?

For traffics generated by advertisement, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other Social Media Ads and Email Marketing etc, they expect to see detail of your advertised event immediately when land on your website/landing page.

You may loose sales opportunities when traffics drop off because they did not see what they are expected. It is a big mistake to loose paid traffics. They are mostly ready buyers and get attracted by your advertised event.

A good landing page shall help business to:

  1. generate instant sales
  2. capture sales leads
  3. enhance awareness
  4. establish branding & loyalty

Landing page is just like a sales person standing in shop entrance. It provides relevant information to potential customer accurately and directly.

We are not suggesting to put pressure on potential customers. However, to provide information they want to know to make up their mind and make purchase.

The highest buying desire is when visitors are exploring your products/services. Buying desire drops significantly when they leave your website.

Success of the campaign depends on whether your landing page can retain visitors to browse further or your visitors lost their interests when seeing landing page; and how long can you keep visitors stay in your website and convince them to make purchase within the session.

Thus, an online advertising campaign without proper landing page is no difference for customer entering a shop without service staff.


Clearly Defined Campaign Event

In general, a landing page shall be designed to meet your advertising campaign event. A campaign event can be understood as selling point of the campaign, eg. EOFY sales, Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Stock Clearance Sale etc.

If you are running a furniture store, campaign highlight can be a huge discount, Interest Free Loan, or Free Delivery. Offering which interested people cannot resists.

Imposing an expiry date on your promotion will further push more sales within promotional period.


What should be included in a landing page?

An effective landing page shall include following elements:

  1. Detail of the campaign, eg campaign title, benefits to buyers, any information buyers want to know for making buying decision etc.
  2. effective period of time, eg starting date and finish date of the campaign.
  3. call for action, encourage visitors to take buying action immediately, eg Buy Now button. or further sales boost like Buy Now and get further discount, in order to increase conversions.
  4. cross promotion of your other products and services. By cross promoting other products, eg not discounted together with sales items, it enhances business revenue and profit performance
  5. invitation for news letter subscription, to capture email address for future email marketing
  6. invitation for membership registration link to main website
  7. Contact information of the business in case potential customers want further information before buying.

With a properly planned landing page, it improves advertising campaign conversion rate, promoting good ROI (Return On Investment)

If you are planning for online advertisement to boost your sales or gain market awareness and branding via online advertisement, contact us now.


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