Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing

Content marketing makes use of valuable contents, delivering to target audience group (potential customer group) to educate them with relevant information (as to your products and services benefits) and let them realize the needs and benefits of using your products and services in a soft selling approach.

Effective content marketing promote brand loyalty and referrals. It is the most powerful marketing approach among all, if do it right.

In Fact, Content Marketing is everywhere around our daily life, to name a few with different delivery channels, RoyalAuto Magazine by RACV (print), Coles Cooking Show YouTube Channel + magazine (video + print), Buffer Blog (blog), Bunnings In-Store DIY Workshop (live tutorials) 

As from above examples, content marketing is generally adopted by leading brands with sufficient budget. Content Marketing is comparatively costly. However, conversion rate is normally the highest among all other marketing strategies.

SEO Services CC is here to help businesses like you to plan and implement Content Marketing strategy and maximize ROI (Return On Investment).

Content Marketing Overview


Branding & Initiation of buying desire. Contents are well planned and organized as valuable information to the target audience. Such a target audience group has been targeted as a high buying potential group.

Example of Content Marketing, an Off-road travel show delivers everything about off-road travel know-how. Nothing relating to selling is explicitly expressed. However, off-road travelers already take notice of the gears that appears in the show, the brand name of gears those overcome problems in the show. Buying desired thus been stimulated, and eventually, some will buy sooner or later.


When needs been stimulated, unplanned buyers in the target audience group start to do their research to compare brands and prices. Some already in the market for the products and services are now ready to take buying action.

Successful content marketing not only converts planned and unplanned buyers make a purchase, further to that, generating extra market of brand switching buyers. This is very common that content marketing can make competitors planned buyers to switch brand.


The decision is made after market research, collecting and filtering opinions from their own sources. Continuous Content Marketing reduces the target audience to switch brands to the competition.


The target audience group is now been converted into customers. Some businesses may stop the content marketing life cycle at this point. However, continue content marketing is very likely to generate additional revenue, and that is referral sales.

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SEO Services CC Content Marketing Bunnings DIY Workshop
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SEO Services CC Content Marketing Bunnings DIY Workshop
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Delivery Channels

Delivery of contents to target audience group has great range of options. Front traditional print media, radio talk, TV shows, Infographics, to modern strategies such as YouTube Channels, Blogs, Live Tutorials, and Packaging etc.

Print media

A common content delivery channel by printing media such as magazines. In fact, magazines are widely used for leading brands. Here we show two familiar examples, RACV Royal Auto magazine and Coles Magazine.

Business relevant contents in the forms of editorials and advertorials are edited, mixed with valuable and useful information to target audiences for branding and sales generation.

Benefits using magazine as content marketing channels are permanent, transferable/shareable, and with moderate impact life span.


Creating a blog seems to be a cost efficient way to gather target audiences, and to deliver contents. The drawback is that it is not suitable for all industries, and there is cost involve in bringing traffic to the blog.

Some examples are, law firm to answer legal questions and initial inquiries to generate sales leads. Or, Dental care clinic provides dental care tips and knowledge, providing initial inquiries and answer questions via blog.

Blogs are suitable for industries with following characteristics:

  1. with necessity and sufficient interaction between business and audiences
  2. service coverage contains sufficient audiences
  3. services and products are not one off purchase.


YouTube, Vimeo etc video broadcasting platforms provide very good resources for marketer to delivery video content at minimal cost, permanent, on demand, shareable. Video hosting platforms are gradually replacing TV channels in marketing message and content delivery medium.

TV Shows

For some target audience groups such as house wives, aged, or non technical audience group, TV shows are one of the effective way to deliver contents, such as cooking show, etc.

Radio Talk Show

Radio Talk Show was commonly used as content marketing channel before internet becomes popular like now. Business like legal and finance services, educational services etc. host radio talk show to delivery knowledge of their domain, so as to build up branding and business inquiries.

Live Tutorials

Bunnings, the biggest hardware store in Australia, with close to thousand of outlets around Australia, each outlet has DIY workshop and teach all sorts of DIY skills to the public. When target audience group has the skill, buying hardware from Bunnings will be an on-going practice without hard selling.

This creates a loyal customer group eventually which promote long term benefits for the business.


This is a more a marketing strategy rather than content marketing, as it is outside the common content marketing process flow. Content is delivered in post purchase stage rather than  It also works differently to content marketing but still worth to mention.

Using packaging to deliver valuable contents to consumer. However, we notice a new way for business to utilize packaging to stimulate target market involvement and interaction.

It is a Chinese spirit manufacturer, inviting public to contribute meaningful philosophy sayings. Selected ones will be printed on carton paper wrapping tube and randomly tubed to products.

It is nothing closed to traditional content marketing methods. However, it is a very successful marketing in Chinese market. Sales from 50 Million (USD 7.4M) in 2013 leaps to 2 Billion (USD 285M) in 2018.

More commonly used content marketing delivery channels include websites, infographics.

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