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If your SEO Services Agency

- guarantees you SERP ranking, RUN!

- guarantees SERP ranking for hundreds, RUN FASTER!

- provides quote without studying your case, FLY AWAY!

Ranking Guarantee

We cannot control SERP website ranking, no one can.

As a professional SEO company, what we do is to propose and implement White Hat SEO strategies, keywords ranking, quality backlink, website rankings, site performance, etc. to enhance SERP website rankings, improve organic traffics and online presence to your website.

Reasonable Investment

SEO practice is an invaluable investment for any businesses, yes, any. SEO activity will not give you instant satisfaction to your need. It is a time consuming, strategic, on-going practice.

Think what would you get for few hundreds investment on SEO services? Be serious to pick the right SEO company. You get what you pay for.

Prior Business Examination

There is no one-size-fit-all SEO strategy. We study and investigate case by case before making customized SEO proposal and investment estimation.

Imagine if an auto mechanic claim to fix your car for $x without examining your car, will you go for this auto mechanic? Search Engine Optimization is no difference too. Be smart when selecting SEO company.

Why Choose Us

Our mission: to help businesses grow. 

We do not treat you as clients. We treat you as business partner, your business as our own business. This makes us different.

Our satisfaction doesn’t come from acquiring your business. It’s from seeing your business grow. We pride ourselves delivering remarkable SEO and Digital Marketing results to our business partners.

Reliable, Efficient, Transparent, Strategic, Experienced are common terms our business partners awarded us.

Free Website Report

We Offer free website review with NO Obligation, NO Terms & Conditions, NO Payment Info requirement. All you need is to fill out info below to receive a comprehensive website analysis report.

Our Specialized Service Domains

Professional SEO Services

Provide professional SEO services to businesses who aware the importance matrix between Search Engine Optimization and turnover of the business. Services include: Optimizing website web pages SEO content to improve conversion, Keyword research, Backlinking, website rankings etc.

We work transparently with regular SEO reports monthly for improvement progress.

Conversion Oriented Website Design

Nowadays, the role of website is not just a digital introduction of business anymore. It is a powerful selling tool if such website design is specifically optimized for SEO purpose. A well Search Engine Optimized website draws massive audience (potential customers) to learn more about the business. Even though your products and services is not the best in the industry, successful SEO agency will let you out perform your strong rivals.

SEM / Google Ads PPC Management

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy is different to SEO campaign. For new business and website to gain search engine advantage.

SEM is a fast track to achieve 1st page appearance instantly, while SEO takes time to achieve it via effective Search Engine Optimization.

You may ask, if SEM is so efficient, why bother to do SEO? Well, SEM effect stops instantly when ads stopped. However, SEO traffic is basically free and will last long with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, Organic Keyword Search result highly recommended over Paid Search result because of trustworthy traffics.

Content Marketing & Management

Content Marketing is marketing approach via content creation, by creating valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire specific market segment.

Instead of hard selling your products and services, you deliver relevant information for the purpose of educating potential market to select your products and services. Content Marketing is a slow process but impact will be long term.

The essence of Content Marketing approach is to deliver consistent, ongoing valuable products and services information to your targeted market segment, winning their trust and confidence. Eventually, you are rewarded with their business and loyalty.

Google 1st Page Challenge

This is a challenge activity for SEO team of UNLTD PTY LTD to use organic SEO strategy only, without assistance of PPC, to bring this website to 1st Page on Google in high capital cities of Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast*, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin.

  • Domain Name: registered in late August 2019.
  • Website: developed and launched on 1st Sept 2019
  • Search Engine Submission:  9th Sept 2019.
  • Target Keywords: SEO Melbourne, SEO Sydney, SEO Canberra, SEO Brisbane, SEO Adelaide, SEO Perth, SEO Darwin, SEO Hobart, PPC Melbourne, PPC Sydney, PPC Canberra, PPC Brisbane, PPC Adelaide, PPC Perth, PPC Darwin, PPC Hobart, Shopify, Shopify Specialists, Shopify Experts, WooCommerce Specialists, WooCommerce Experts, and their long tail
  • Current CPC for Target Keywords: $10-$15 CPC

Our Rules:

  1. disallow using any pay ads on any platform
  2. disallow using any Black Hat SEO tactics

If we can bring this new site into first page in such high competitive industry, without using PPC at all, we can make yours into 1st Page too.

Let’s see how long it will take us to achieve 1st Page on Google.

SEO Team (UNLTD PTY LTD) is a professional Digital Marketing and Advertising, SEO Agency based in Melbourne, servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra and all places in Australia. We handling Full SEO Life Cycle from domain name & hosting, Conversion Oriented Website design and production, Content Marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google Ads AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click) management, Shopify Shops SEO & PPC, WordPress WooCommerce Shops SEO & PPC. offers one-stop-shop solution from very beginning when business wanting to take advantage of digital marketing to achieving business goals in digital marketing plan. is a service division of UNLTD PTY LTD, specialized in SEO strategies and implementation for own company’s projects as well as providing professional digital marketing services to small & medium businesses to gain maximum exposure in search engines, mainly Google, Yahoo & Bing.



UNLTD P/L is an information platform developer and operator, with released projects including

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