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Web traffic is an indication of the quantity of visitors visiting your website at given period of time. Same as a department store, revenue and foot traffic is in proportion.
For new sites, organic SEO (Organic Traffic) could be a long process due to many factors, such as search engine visibility, domain age, keywords ranking, backlinks building (the most time consuming part) etc.
Generally, new site SEO shall incorporate SEM/PPC strategy (Paid Traffic) to obtain instant results, which will help promoting healthy traffics to a new website. For businesses with heavy repeat consumption behavior will gain significant benefits instantly, as well as in future operation. SEO Traffic Improvement SEO Search Engine Visibility Improvement

SEO Strategy

SEO Services CC adopts only White Hat SEO strategy to optimize business websites even though Black Hat SEO is a fast track but with high risk of being punished by search engines once being found out.

Punishment could be website score deduction, or in worst case, black listed from appearing on search results.

Our SEO strategies are proven to work in any industry. The success can easily be measured by improvement of Search Engine Visibility reports from time to time.

Search Engine Visibility is a critical benchmark in SEO practice to indicate how likely your site to be seen in search result.  It is also a measurement to justify the performance of SEO agency.

On Page & Off Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO is to create and enhance Search Engine relevancy signals for a webpage to user search query/keywords. Optimize web page contents to capture high hit keywords of web pages, eliminate issues those search engines do not like, such as content to HTML code ratio, keywords ratio (avoid over injection of keywords), meta data and broken links issues, etc.

Off Page SEO mainly focus on tasks outside your website, and the key task is building backlinks (external links) to your website to establish signal of content quality, relevancy, and popularity of the page.

Off Page SEO is a long term practice. Speedy boost of backlink volumes could trigger search engine alarm that Black Hat SEO might be in use to trick search engine for the purpose of improving ranking, which could result ranking drop. Improve Website Score SEO works transparent

Regular SEO Reports, Transparent SEO Works

Our SEO works are fully transparent to business. This allows you to keep track of our SEO progress and performance via monitoring your website ranking, search engine visibility, keywords ranking, etc. benchmark figures.

SEO Services CC understand that some reports are technical. We are here to explain how to interpret a report and those figures, impacts of those figure in your sales revenue, what needs to be done to improve.

Reports are generated base on data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc. reliable and trustworthy sources for SEO practice.

You may elect to take up some tasks in content editing, or SEO Services CC can handle all contents on your behalf. We have qualified editors to create relevant contents for your website to improve website ranking and score.

We are your best option for SEO strategy.

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