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Professional SEO Services

Provide professional SEO services to businesses who aware the importance matrix between SEO and turnover of the business. Services include: Optimizing websites for best SEO performance, Keywords ranking and Backlinking, etc. strategies.

SEO Services CC works transparently with regular SEO reports on weekly or fortnightly to let you keep track in progress.

SEO Website Development

Nowadays, the role of website is not just a digital introduction of business anymore. It is a powerful selling tool if such website specifically designed for SEO purpose.

A well Search Engine Optimized website draws massive audience (potential customers) to learn more about the business. Even though your products and services is not the best in the industry, successful SEO strategy would let you out perform your strong competition.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy is different to SEO strategies. For new business and website to gain search engine advantage. SEM is a fast track to achieve 1st page appearance instantly, while SEO takes time to achieve 1st page appearance on Google Search Results via effective SEO strategies.

You may ask, if SEM is so efficient, why bother to do SEO? Well, SEM effect stops instantly when ads stopped. However, SEO effect is basically free and will last long with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, Organic Search result is more trustworthy than Paid Search.

Content Marketing & Management

Content Marketing is marketing approach by creating valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire specific market segment. Instead of hard selling your products and services, you deliver relevant information for the purpose of educating potential market to select your products and services.

The essence of Content Marketing approach is to deliver consistent, ongoing valuable products and services information to your targeted market segment, winning their trust and confidence. Eventually, you are rewarded with their business and loyalty.

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